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Exercises (In order of increasing difficulty)

Sheet Music (Single notes)

Sheet Music (Zelinska)

Sheet Music (Base notes)
Sheet Music (Diads and triads)

Sheet Music (Petlura)

Sheet Music (Advanced 1)

Sheet Music (Advanced 2)

This Land is Your Land

Sheet Music (All bandura parts, Mixed)

Sheet Music (All bandura parts, American)

Sheet Music (All bandura parts, Canadian)

Zaporizhian March (Запорізький Марш)

Sheet Music (Bandura 1 and Bandura 2)

Sheet Music (Bandura 3)


I'm Baking Bread (Печу, Печу Хліб)

Sheet Music

The Girl on the Shore (Ой Ходили Дівчина Бережком)

Sheet Music

Beautiful Bride (Ой, Ти Дівчино)

Sheet Music

The Rabbit (Зайчик у Житі)

Sheet Music


The Girl on the Shore (Ой Ходили Дівчина Бережком)

Sheet Music

Stukalka (Стукалка)

Sheet Music

Ukrainian Polka (Українська Полька)

Sheet Music

Dance (Танок)

Sheet Music


Horlytsia (Горлиця)

Sheet Music

Uvivanets (Увиванець)

Sheet Music


Good Evening (Добрий Вечір, Дівчино)

Sheet Music

I Will Put My Yarn on the Shelf (Кину Кужіль на Полицю)

Sheet Music

Girl from Podil (Подоляночка)

Sheet Music


Organized in order of increasing complexity

Ask your instructor for which pieces your group is learning

Handbook for Beginners (Bashtan-Omelchenko)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

Repertoire starts on Page 10

Pieces for Bandura (Lobko)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

Repertoire based on folk songs of Eastern Europe and popular classical melodies

Songs about Animals (Dolhykh)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

Collection of Intermediate Pieces for Solo Bandura (Stepurko)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

The Disappointed Kitten (for chromaticism, Buha)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

Jingle Bells  (Buha)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

Exercises for One Finger (Khotkevych)

Sheet Music begins on page 14 (courtesy of

To a Young Bandurist (Kolomiyets)

Sheet Music (courtesy of

If you are unsure about what level of bandura you should play, contact us through the form. Generally, "Bandura 1" is the most difficult and as the numbers increase, the music becomes easier to play.

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How do I...

How do I tune a bandura?

You can buy a tuning key here.



How do I fix a broken string?

Is there a Ukrainian guide to tuning? (series of three videos)

How do I regulate my mechanism?

What do I do if a peg is loose?

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