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Members of the BCC (North American Bandura Camp Committee, made up of the leadership of all 4 camps), worked together to produce a program that it believes will be interesting and possible, given technological capabilities and time constraints. 


The program was designed based on several factors.  The most important was input from 46 past bandura campers and 22 parents of campers collected through a survey, asking what would be their preferences for a summer virtual bandura experience. 


While there's really no substitute for a real, live, in-person bandura camp experience, the program had elements of one that provided new musical material, advancement of technique, additional knowledge about bandura music, connection with the bandura world, and fun.

Who organized

this program? 

Not including those who had never played bandura before was a tough decision to make. We all want to see more people playing bandura! The planning group sadly agreed that starting starting bandura with no prior experience would be extremely challenging to do virtually.  There are already many challenges to doing this kind of virtual workshop for the dozens of student participants who already play and probably have attended bandura camps in the past.  


We accepted people who had had some instruction before and had a bandura to play on, even if it was only a few lessons. 

Why didn't you take first-time bandura players?

Even when we had plans to hold the bandura camps, the BCC was already discussing the possibility of having a joint show of every available bandura camper in the fall or winter, in a city to be determined. 


Nothing beats meeting your peer bandurists face-to-face and making music together in person.  Our hope is that when public health officials and government authorities declare it safe to travel and gather, that we can hold a big gathering where we can celebrate and play together. 

In order to be eligible to perform at the Zustrich, we asked that Bandura Hangouts participants had to attend at least 50% of the workshop activities.

What is the Zustrich that I keep hearing about? 

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