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Thanks to our sponsors

Bandura Hangouts was made possible by the management of the North American Bandura Camp Committee, and the dedication of our instructors. 

Sponsorship of Bandura Hangouts allowed us to thank our artistic staff with honorariums to thank them for their hard work.

Organizational Sponsors

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New York Bandura


Individual Donors


  • Natalie Cybyk

  • Mykola Deychakiwsky

  • Olya Fryz


  • Natalie Jaresko

  • Taras Mahlay

  • Nestor Popowych

  • Tatiana Serafin

  • Theodora Turula

  • Stephan Zaets

If you value music education, and bandura instruction in North America, 

Consider joining the project as a donor!

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Donations made by PayPal go to the Women Bandura Ensemble's Bandura Hangouts account. 

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