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The "Bandura Hangouts" program was organized by the North American Bandura Camps Committee. We are a cohort of bandura camp administrators, colleagues, and instructors on the staff of four North American bandura camps. Our aim is to be a hub of bandura education, especially camp-based instruction. The Committee works to create cohesion and foster a collaborative spirit between our camps, for the betterment of our programs and participants' experiences.


Mykola Deychakiwsky

Bandura at Bobriwka Workshop, Kobzarska Sich

Alina Kuzma

Bandura at Bobriwka Workshop​

Irene Kytasty Kuzma

Bandura at Bobriwka Workshop​

Mykola Murskyj

Kobzars'ka Sich

Oleksander Petlura 

Litnia Zustrich​

Oksana Rodak

O​DUM Bandura Camp

Oksana Zelinska-Shevchuk​

Litnia Zustrich

Due to the CoVid-19 outbreak, we had to suspend and cancel our camps. However, we wanted to unite our efforts into the creation of an online, interactive bandura learning platform and event. 

Our goals:

  1. To give our students access to bandura instruction and learning in this unprecedented time. 

  2. To create a learning platform to make learning materials more accessible to bandura students.

  3. To keep the bandura camp spirit going!

The North American Bandura Camps Committee is inviting all participants of any bandura camp to join us for a post-Covid Zustrich, or All-Camp Convention! The Zustrich will be held after the pandemic subsides, over a long weekend, and in a centrally-located city. For a participant to be eligible to play in the final concert, he or she should be sure to attend 50% of the sessions of the BanduraHangouts workshop! Much more information about the Zustrich will be posted in early fall. Registration and location information will be released then.



While Bandura Hangouts is reliant mainly on volunteers, we will greatly appreciate any donations that will defray some of our administrative costs and allow us to offer stipends to our talented musical instructors, many of whom are in need of financial support due to the current poor economy.  You can donate online (apologies that it says "Pay" below) or by writing checks out to New York School of Bandura, 27 Nuthatch Knob, Glastonbury, CT 06033.


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